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  • Ekhwesi Revenue Management is a value added Prepaid Technology company supplying and implementing Prepaid Solutions for Utilities and sub metering that is complimented by the provision of associated support services and management solutions. 
  • We ensure that the risks associated with the deployment of new technologies are reduced while providing competitive total cost of ownership that provides a compelling return on investment.
  • Ekhwesi offers comprehensive revenue management of your repayment site, in a highly cost effective manner.   A prepayment solution has great benefits for the utility and the consumer. The concept of electricity revenue management offers electricity utilities a reliable means of collecting revenue upfront and enables budget conscious consumers to manage their consumption effectively.
  • The utility benefits from improved cash flow and reduced financial risk with payment being in advance for the supply of essential services. These results in better cash flow with no bad debts or arrears and operating costs are also reduced due to no meter reading, billing or mailing overheads.
  • Consumers on the other hand, benefit by being in control of their electricity expenditure as they only pay for what they consume. It allows them to budget for their electricity and avoid bad debts, arrears and disconnection/reconnection costs. In the event of a previous debt, the prepayment system enables consumers to pay back their debt and remain connected. 
  • The system is ideal for landlords and managing agents who want to effectively control the electricity consumption and revenue collection on their rented or managed units without the hassle of maintaining the operational and technological requirements of a prepayment system. It’s all done for you, from the maintenance and upgrades, to backups and security, Ekhwesi covers it all, so that you can focus on your core business whilst we ensure your site is operating smoothly and efficiently.
  • Ekhwesi Pre-Paid vending is also ideal for larger prepayment projects which, in the past, may not have been feasible due to the capital investment required. With various revenue management models, we have a tailor made solution to suit your needs.
  • Ekhwesi’s Pre-Paid vending management software manages both the financial and meter related information, thereby addressing your commercial and technical needs.

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