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    Economical Rapid Water Heaters

    Economical Instantaneous water heaters only use energy when hot water is used. Safe Our built-in safety devices:prevent gas leak if there is no flame, switch off the appliance if the exhaust is not functioning properly, and a Temperature limiter protects the heat exchanger against overheating.

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    Dew Hot Gas Geysers

    Dew Hot geysers - Domestic instant water heater with natural exhaust, Water gas linked, automatic ignition, No pilot light and automatic pulse ignition from two standard torch batteries. Stainless steel 310 front panel and LCD temperature gauge. Also available in 6l, 8l, 10l, 12l, 16l and 20l.

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    Bosch Water Heaters

    Two D Cell torch batteries provide the power to open the gas solenoid and fire the igniters when the unit detects water flow. Once the gas is ignited the igniters cease firing and the water heats up rapidly. Complete safety and relaibility is provided by the thermo-electric flame failure device which shuts off the gas if the flame goes out.


    A small turbine provides the power needed to power the igniters and open the gas solenoid. This removes the necessity of using batteries, giving years of reliable service. 

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